Creation of news

The creation of news follows the steps below:

  1. Create a news type

  2. Create a news listing page

  3. Create a news page

News Creation Example Scenario

Assume you would like to have news on the website, the practical way to do it using the steps above would be:

Step 1: Create an news type

To create a news type, navigate to the ‘Snippets’ section on the explorer menu and select ‘News Types’ as below:

News Explorer

Click on ‘Add news Type’ to create a new news type.

News Type

Provide news type name and choose an icon and save.

News Type

Step 2: Create a news listing page

A listing page is a page that holds a list of pages. For example, a news Listing page would hold one or more news. It lists the banner, latest featured news and all other news.

News List Preview

To create this page navigate to the ‘pages’ item on the explorer menu as shown below and click on the pages item at the top.


This option will only appear if no news listing page already exists as there can only be on instance/occurrrence of a news listing page.

Pages Explorer

Hover over the Home item and click ‘Add Child Page’

Add Child Page

Select news List Page from the type of pages provided.

Add News List Page

Provide a the page title, banner image, title, subtitle and call to action and either save draft, publish or submit to moderation depending on your previlleges.

Add News List Page

Step 3: Create a news page

This will navigate to the list of pages under the home page including the news list page you just created. Hover over the the news listing page and click on ‘add child page’.

Add news Page

News Page Sections

The sections of a service page include:

  • News Type - selected from previously prepared news type in step 1

  • Relevant Service - selected from previously prepared service categories. Refer to Create Services Categories Section to create service categories.

  • Relevant Projects - select from previously prepared projects. Please refer Manage Projects to guide on creation of projects.

  • Post date - the date the news was published

  • Subtitle - optional subtitle

  • Body - the body of the news

  • Tags - tags related to the news

  • Extra Links - additional links

  • Is featured - If enabled, the news will appear as Featured news on the news listing page

  • Is visible on homepage - If enabled, the news will appear in the homepage as an alert/latest update


To create additional news in the future you would need to begin from Step 3: Create a news page if the desired news type is already defined.