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The creation of this page assumes you have already created an organisation index page which is the parent page of this page. To create an organisation index page, please refer to Managing Organisation Page.

To create an about page, navigate to organisation page and create a child page from it selecting the about page.

About page

About page

The About page is divided into various sections.

About page

The sections include:

  • Banner Section - this contains the banner image, title, subtitle and call to action button. If no banner image is provided then this section will not be displayed

    Banner Sections

  • Introduction Section - this contains the introduction title, introduction image, introduction text and button.

    Introduction Sections

  • Mission and Vision Section - this is the organisation’s mission and vision

    Mission & Vision Sections

  • Organisation Structure Section - this contains a heading description and image of the organisational structure.

    Organisation Structure Sections

  • Historical Timeline Section - the historical timeline section allows for narration of the history of the organisation grouping the milestones on an yearly basis.

    Historical Timeline Sections

  • Additional Materials - any additional material including documents or images relating to the organisation can be added here for download.

    Additional Materials

  • Feature Block Items - this section allows addition of a series of alternating blocks containing an image, title, description and call to action button.

    Feature Block Sections

  • Bottom Call to action Section - call to action button at the bottom of the page.

    Bottom CTA Sections