All settings can be found at the settings menu on the left side-bar. Scroll down if settings menu is not visible.

Settings explorer

This section covers:

  • Managing Organisation Settings

  • Managing Themes

  • Managing Integrations

  • Managing Languages

  • Managing Measurement Units

Managing Organisation Settings

Organisation settings include the logo, country, address, contact information and social media address (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram)

Organisation settings

Managing Themes

The CMS allows you to create/edit/delete a theme. You can also set a default theme which will be applied to all pages of the website.


The theme configurations include theme name, theme colors, borders and shadows.

Theme Detail

Managing Integrations

The CMS supports integrations with 3rd party softwares including Recaptcha, YouTube API, Mailchimp, Mautic, Zoom and Google analytics.


Managing Website Languages

Multiple languages can be configured inorder to allow translation of the website by users to their prefered language. A language prefix and name is required and default state to specify the primary language the website is published in.



Managing CMS Languages

To change the language of the CMS UI, this setting can be configured from the user account settings.